Online Business English Classes

Experts in online business English programs

Inspire's online live business English programs supports learners of all levels with their individual teacher.

Improve your business English Communication Skills

Our online program features content to increase all verbal and written communication skills.

Increase your English level

The program develops your Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills using the international standard CEFR to assess your improvement.

Inspire your global connections

The program helps you to connect with business people globally which supports increased confidence when speaking English.

Easy Flexible Study

Classes are available everyday. You can select:

  1. The teacher

  2. The class topic

  3. The class schedule (day and time to study)

Start in 3 steps

  1. Select the program duration: 3, 6 or 12 months

  2. Confirm your English level with our placement test

  3. Book your class and start learning

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