Vado Micro Learning System

Develop on the job - mobile responsive - effective on line learning

Vado is an off-the-shelf e-learning courseware provider specializing in employee business skills and management and leadership development.

Vado’s courses are designed utilizing three design principles


All Vado courses are designed to help the learner apply the course on the job. Every Vado course starts with a short instructional video that introduces the topic of the course and talks about the benefits of developing the specific skill or competency. Then we get the learner to apply the course on the job by asking the learner to complete an exercise. The exercises are very detailed with step-by-step instructions (in other words, a process to follow while implementing the course on the job). In addition, each course contains a Job Aid that the learner can use while completing the exercise.

Micro Learning

Breaking down information in short, bite sized modules makes it easier for the learner to retain the information. If a learner tries to take in information in long learning modules, the learner can run into information overload. Once at information overload, no more information can be absorbed. The answer is short bite sized learning otherwise known as micro-learning. All of Vado’s courses are short, bite sized courses covering one distinct learning objective at a time.


People in their personal life watch videos to learn new things and they come to work expecting to watch videos to learn new things. So, all of Vado’s courses start with a short instructional video .

What is Vado?

Watch a short video that helps you explore a new way of learning.