Business English Workshops

Inspire deliver business English workshops that achieve your objectives

Every program is tailored to meet your specific objectives and groups' needs. Our success rating remains at Excellent for all the programs we deliver.

Here are some examples of the workshop programs.

Email Writing

The program delivers improved basic business English writing skills development in a variety of writing situations.

Report Writing

This program sets a clear template for learners to follow and use at work. The program can be tailored for production, the back-office or other situations.

Introductory Presentation Skills

Inspire has a range of presentation's programs that support confidence in delivering effective presentations. Our low level program has been selected repeatedly by our clients and continues to be one of our most popular programs.

Meaningful Presentation Skills

Memorable, inspiring, powerful – there are many adjectives to describe presentations. Inspire focus on one – Meaningful. This is the focus to ensure all presentations convey accurately and powerfully the intentions of the presenter.

Negotiation Skills

Inspire has developed a program that sets a clear win/win strategy for effective negotiations. The course can be adapted to support specific types of negotiations. The focus is often for buyers that negotiate contracts, terms and other important production critical issues.

Business Communication Skills

We review with our participants a range of issues that affect clear and positive communications. This goes beyond simply language. The course has been effective in opening participants’ understanding of the complexities of effective communications.

Meeting Skills

Inspire goes beyond simply teaching how to conduct a successful meeting. We share a process that ensures that future meetings contribute to increased business performance.

English Camp

We believe in doing more than simply providing a fun English experience. English Camps are a great opportunity to build teams and strengthen relationships. Our programs create “aha” moments as English becomes a joy not a task.

Interpersonal Skills

This advanced program is designed for participants to develop their knowledge of local and global values and beliefs and consider the idea of values as social constructs and principles. They will explore barriers to achieve positive relationships, especially between groups with differing values and beliefs, and discuss the importance of empathy.

Video Conferencing Skills

With working from home and other social distancing measures, now more than ever it is important to develop excellent video conferencing skills. This program teaches techniques and practices for successful virtual meetings.