Digital learning delivering business English success

English Assessment: Speaking, Listening and Grammar

Assessment supports your organization throughout your entire hiring and training lifecycles. They are ideal pre-screening tools, ongoing language training needs, assessments measure individual requirements and progress as part of GlobalEnglish’s Business English learning program.

One Digital Learning: Notebook, Tablet and Mobile

For learners, our comprehensive solution includes access on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, to:

Our award-winning digital learning curriculum.

Our 11 levels structured business English curriculum provides direct access to a range of self-learning programs. Activities employ highly engaging multimedia content giving learners the opportunity to develop relevant business skills.

Productivity tools include email templates and cultural briefings, that deliver value when needed to boost productivity in the workplace.

1:8 Virtual group classroom training to practice speaking.

Personal learning specialist to accelerate learning and productivity.

For program administrators:

The GlobalEnglish Dashboard provides with real-time reporting and complete control over the entire organization’s program.

Reach Mobile App: Business Skills focused development

Center on Personal Goals

Customize the learning experience by focusing on the skills that matter most skills-focused learning experience.

See Meaningful Progress

Earn badges in critical skill areas in a fun, media-rich app environment.

Support Habits of Success

Fit regular practice into a busy schedule through engaging, 3 – 5 minute learning missions.