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GlobalEnglish is easy and simple. To help you get started, review the video opposite.

GE Support

GlobalEnglish provide an easy to use suite which is intuitive and simple. To support you, Inspire delivers local services to get the most from your development experience. 

Existing Users

Inspire provides local support for existing users. Please contact:

Inspire Advisor

Inspire Advisor has three important features to help you get the most from your GlobalEnglish experience:

GlobalEnglish Features: GlobalEnglish features a wide range of tools to support your business English development. These tools are continually updated and added to. In supporting you, Inspire Advisor delivers quarterly workshops that show how you can use these tools to improve your business English at work.

Motivation: Inspire knows that anyone starting a journey needs to have support and motivation. The Inspire Advisor service motivates and supports you to make your development journey rewarding and beneficial. Outstanding results are achieved through our guidance.

Personal Attention: Everyone is different with different needs at different times. Inspire assigns a dedicated Advisor that provides expert personal advice and guidance. Your dedicated Advisor contacts you every month to review your progress, set learning goals and motivate you to achieve these goals. Life is always changing and your Advisor helps you to manage these changes by adjusting your study plan and setting SMART objectives. Your Advisor inspires your success.

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